Ultimate Pool Opening Kit & Spring Pill

Ultimate Pool Opening Kit & Spring Pill from PoolCenter.com

Open Your Pool Like a Professional With Our Ultimate Pool Opening Kit!

Our all-in-1 Ultimate Pool Opening Kit makes it easy and fast to open your pool by providing the perfect pre-measured doseages for your specific size pool so you’ll know exactly how much of each chemical to add to your pool. The Ultimate Pool Opening kit will not only save you time at your pool’s start-up, it will save you money by buying all the necessary chemicals at once in this discounted value pack.

The Ultimate Pool Opening Kit also includes the customer favorite AquaPill SpringPill! The SpringPill’s 4-in-1 formula consists of natural, enzyme-based chemicals that act as a metal stain sequester, clarifier, and scale preventer. The enzymes remove non-living organic pollutants like oil or leaves to help make your sanitizer more effective, your filter more efficient and they prevent the oily build-up that causes a waterline ring.

Ultimate Pool Opening Kit Contains:

  • Clarifier (1 qt)
  • Algaecide (1/2 gal)
  • Chlorine Pool Shock (4 1lb bags)
  • Natural Chemistry Pool Magic with PhosFree (1 qt)
  • Natural Chemistry Metal Free (1 qt)
  • Sun Sorb Oil Absorber
  • AquaPill SpringPill
  • Pool Opening Guide
    Ultimate Pool Opening Kit & Spring Pill
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