Ultimate Winterizing Kit & Winter Pill

Ultimate Pool Winterizing Chemical Value Pack With The Winter Pill Pool  Available At PoolCenter.com

The Ultimate Winter Closing Kit just got better! It now includes the highly effective, best-selling Winter Pill!

Ultimate Pool Closing Kit & Winter Pill is made with larger pools (up to 35K gal) in mind but offers smaller pools added winter protection that goes beyond just protecting your pool’s surfaces and water, but also you winter pool cover or safety cover.

A customer favorite for years, our Ultimate Pool Closing Kits offers a non-chlorine, natural approach to winter time pool maintenance that lasts all the way until it’s time to pull the cover back off in the spring. Chlorine-free pool chemicals are less harsh on vinyl liners, much safer for fiberglass pools and do not bleach painted pool surfaces.

Natural Chemistry’s time-tested Metal Free natural stain preventer will protect your pool walls and water line from damaging staining caused by corroding metals. Another pair of Natural Chemistry products, Pool Magic and PhosFree, rely on smart-zyme enzyme technology and lanthanum to help eliminate existing water line staining, as well as pro-actively consume non-living organic debris like dead bugs and leaves. Together they help control phosphates, or the #1 culprit for feeding algae. We leave nothing to chance with the innovative and unique winter pool floater that helps remove oxygen from your pool water prevent algae growth as well. No pool closing or opening kit is complete without a supply of shock and our non-chlorine oxidizer destroys pathogens, bacteria, micro-contaminants, and aids in the on-going battle against algae blooms.

Then of course, there is the newest member of the team, The Winter Pill!  The Winter Pill fits right in with the rest of the products found in the Ultimate Pool Closing Kit because it too is a non-chlorine based formula of enzymes, natural clarifier, as well as a scale and stain preventer. This powerful pill packs a punch and all you have to do is poke a tiny hole in it, set it in the water, and it gets to work for the rest of the winter.

As a bonus, all kits include the Winter Sorb™ oil absorbing sponge to help sop-up lingering body and suntan oils making it easier for the rest of the winter chemicals to do their job more effectively.

    Ultimate Pool Closing Kit & Winter Pill
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    If your pool is larger than 35,000 gallons, we suggest adding on the smaller Winter Closing Kit to ensure that your pool is not sold short. The Ultimate Pool Closing Kit’s younger brother can be found here: https://www.poolcenter.com/p/winter-chemical-closing-kits


    • Our Winterizing Pool Closing Kits are premeasured for specific size pools, but a benefit of ordering a kit that is larger than your pool will result in the chemicals’ protection to have some leftover for your vulnerable winter cover.
    • All of our winterizing chemical kits include easy-to-follow expert instructions on how to close like a pro
    • Your pool’s water temperatures must be below 65 degrees F for the winter chemicals to be most effective
    • Chlorine-free Winterizing Kits are not designed for pools sanitized by biguanide sanitizing products


    • 1 quart Natural Chemistry Metal Free

    • 3 lbs. Chlorine-Free Shock

    • 1 Time-Release Floater filled with 4 lbs. of non-chlorine oxidizer

    • 1 quart Natural Chemistry Pool Magic Spring & Fall with Phos Free

    • 1 Winter Sorb™

    • Winter Pill

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    • Before closing your pool, remove all dirt and debris.
    • Kill any algae, brush and vacuum dead algae from pool.
    • Adjust pH level to 7.2-7.5, and chlorine level to 2-3ppm.
    • Lower pool water level to proper winter level.
    • Add Pool Magic Spring & Fall plus Phos Free; follow label instructions.
    • Add Metal Free; follow label instructions.
    • Add Winter Chlorine Free Shock, according to label.
    • Poke holes in Winter Pool Floater, place in the pool.
    • Place the Winter Sorb in pool, to soak up and digest oils.
    • Poke hole in you Winter Pill and place in the pool.
    • Cover pool quickly and tightly. Repair any cover holes.
    • Prevent leaves and debris from blowing under pool cover.
    • Winterize your pool plumbing and equipment.

    Make sure that the pool water is cleaned, balanced before adding the winterizing kit to the water. It is recommended to close the pool when the ambient temperature is under 65 degrees.

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