Wall Foam Spray Adhesive - 17 oz

Pool Wall Foam Spray Adhesive from PoolCenter.com

Gladon Spray Adhesive helps make the installation of pool wall foam for vinyl liners much easier. The blue adhesive is simply sprayed to the pool walls as the wall foam is rolled out over it as the adhesive begins to tack. A little goes a long way, and only 4 cans are needed for every 125 feet of pool wall foam. Wall foam is essential for protecting inground and above ground pool liners and helps provide for a seamless installation.

Spray adhesive also makes the installation of gaskets behind the liner easier. Use it for the gaskets on your main drain, skimmers, and inlets.

• Adheres to both porous and non-porous areas
• Snorkel tip helps adjust the width and flow of the spray
• 24 oz can
• Blue color helps you see how much adhesive has been applied
• 4 cans per 125’ of wall foam.
• Does not contain methylene chloride
• Ozone friendly

    Wall Foam Spray Adhesive - 17 oz can
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