WinterPill is the all natural enzyme product that keeps your pool clear and stain-free all winter long. Developed for the medical industry, this concentrated enzyme will work in conjunction with your regular winterizing kit or it can be used independently.

WinterPill's patented delivery system slowly releases its natural enzyme all winter long. Safe for use with all types of pools and filters and winterizing kits. All natural formula.

One WinterPill treats up to 30,000 Gallons.

Winter Pill
Manufacturer#: AP71
Item#: W1135



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    • Clarifies - maintains sparkling clear water
    • Scale inhibitor - prevents scale build-up on surfaces
    • Stain inhibitor - prevents iron, copper and manganese stains
    • Enzyme enhanced - naturally destroys all organics, preventing water ring; enhances filter performance; improves sanitizer efficiency. WinterPill is easy to use.
    • Simply pierce the dots where indicated
    • Floats under all types of winter covers
    • Performs well with mesh safety covers
    • Patented 6-month delivery system
    • Safe for use with all surfaces and filters


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