Zodiac Baracuda Flowkeeper Valve, W60050

No. 15 Image Shown W60050 Flow Keeper Valve Used On Zodiac Baracuda Suction Cleaners. This Item Inserts Into The Skimmer to Allow A Solid Connection to The Hose, and Adjusts The Flow Perfectly for the Cleaner and Pump. 3 Settings Are Available to Adjust The Flow. Lift The Tab to Shut Off Cleaner Flow. Connect The Flowkeeper to The 45 Deg Elbow to Make An Easier Exit Out of The Skimmer. Connect The 45 Elbow (W70244) to The 4.5 Inch Hose Connector (W33160), and From There Connect The Feed Hoses. On The Bottom of The Flowkeeper, Connect The Valve Cuff (W70263) to Make A Tight Seal Into Any Skimmer Hole Size. Fits G2, G3, Ranger, Wahoo and 1500 Cleaners. Fits Alpha and Beta, Pacer and Zoon Cleaners. Also Fits X7 Quattro, T5 Duo Cleaners. Fits Most Any Suction Cleaner, Actually!
Zodiac Baracuda Flowkeeper Valve, W60050
Manufacturer#: W60050
Item#: ZZOD0267
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