Pool Perfect with PhosFree SeaKlear Natural Clarifier - 32oz

Chitin (pronounced kite-in) came into being in the 1970's when the EPA ordered fishing companies to stop dumping the shells of crabs and lobsters back into the ocean. Researchers discovered that the chitin contained in the shells had properties that could be applicable in a variety of industrial uses. Similar to cellulose, chitin is the second most common naturally occurring polymer in the world, and is also the only naturally occurring polyelectrolyte. Sea-Klear is specially formulated for pools, in a chitosan blend that will coagulate and absorb particles in the water, making pool management simpler.

Vanson developed a product known as SeaKlear as an almost revolutionary pool chemical. All natural, the reps were known for drinking small amounts of their own product at trade shows to show how harmless their Chitin-based product was. SeaKlear products grew into a wide variety of pool and spa chemicals for water clarification, stain removal and algae prevention. Now owned by HaloSource, Vanson's original formulation is widely distributed and accepted in solving many pool water problems.

Sea-Klear 4~in~1 water treatment; use weekly to prevent:

  • Oil, scum & foam
  • Chloramines formation
  • Cloudy, dull or hazy water
  • Metallic staining & discoloration

Dosage: Use four (4) ounces per week in a 20,000 gallon pool.

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